From data analytics to creative thinking, The Dream Team Media Company provides our clients with attentive service and results that will propel your business to reach its goals faster.‚Äč

Kendra Brown

Kendra is an award-winning marketing professional and an unsung hustler. Not an experience goes unused as a learning moment or opportunity for growth. From playing in 9-ball tournaments with her dad in pool halls in high school to a writing her bachelor’s thesis on the expression of the collective memory of French citizens in post-WW2 literature and art (in French), Kendra proves breadth does not require a deficit in depth. With extensive experience in the automotive industry and entrepreneurship, Kendra has spent the last 15 years honing her skills in solving the ever-elusive question of how does a small business owner make more sales without spending more money.

My Lan Nguyen
My Lan Nguyen

My Lan encompasses the winning combination of analytics and empathy. She gives Dream Team Media the structure and organization required to operate a well-oiled, winning machine, with the humanity to make the machine win the hearts and minds of target consumers. My Lan is a world traveler. Native to Vietnam, got her MBA in Data Analytics from The University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, My Lan brings a wealth of experience and formal knowledge to our clients.

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