eCommerce Case Study: National Growth on a Microscopic Budget

How a local Yarn Store grew profit, sales, and client base in three months.

Local Yarn Store Grows Nationally

The Situation

Doris built her dream of creating a warm, inviting shop where people would shop for yarn and knitting supplies and converse over knitting, crocheting, or weaving. She took her love of Italy and infused it into her little shop. The jovial atmosphere kept customers loyal, and Alexa played “Italian Cooking Music” on repeat to keep that relaxed vibe at all times. At five years old, her store had changed locations once to accommodate her growing inventory and local client base. Despite success in her local market, Doris was ready to focus on generating more sales through her website and expanding her reach beyond her local Spring denizens. In 2022, a year when her sales volume dwindled each month compared to the previous year, Doris bravely decided to invest in her online store and digital marketing with Dream Team Media at the helm. The result exceeded her expectations, increased revenue YoY, and yielded a healthy return on her investment. 

Yarn Store Boutique
Local Yarn Store in Spring: Over 10,000 Product SKUs.

Shopify, Content Creation, and Digital Advertising

Dream Team Media Company created the Yarn Store Boutique website using the Shopify platform. With a large following on Facebook and Instagram, Shopify provided easy integration for creating her shop on Facebook and Instagram. It also integrated well with Mailchimp, the email platform she was already using, and Google Merchants to display her inventory on the shopping platform. With a product count of over 10,000, the transition from her previous web provider proved arduous. Additionally, Yarn Store Boutique adopted the Shopify POS to keep everything clean and well-integrated. 

Beyond expanding channels for offering the store’s products, Dream Team Media consulted on website UX, merchandising, and creating value-added products to increase profit margins. Within three months, the modern yarn store with Old World charm had expanded beyond its Texas borders, reaching customers in Maine, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. Feedback from customers included praise for a website that conveyed the in-store experience. Online customers applauded the store’s fast shipping, thanks to the ease of Shopify’s platform.

For three months, DTM managed advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Google, as well as website optimization, email marketing, and social media posts for events. Here are the results for her online sales. Without her online sales revenue, her Q4 would have suffered a significant loss YoY. For each marketing dollar spent, including her website and POS, the store brought in $16-$18 in revenue. 

Branding tagline creation
Graphic Design Example
Graphic design for Facebook events, posts, website, email, and more.
Value-Added products
Value-Added Products increase profit.
Revenue Growth Chart
UX and Merchandising are key to online sales.



Services Provided

  • TikTok video creation
  • Instagram and Facebook content creation and scheduling
  • Email marketing
  • Customer journey automation integrating Mailchimp and Shopify
  • Website optimization for UX and SEO
  • Blog writing
  • Graphic design
  • Google Ad management
  • Social Media Ad management