Websites Designed For Success

Finance-Focused Websites

Independent used car dealerships need websites built for their unique customer journey. We design data-based websites optimized for converting leads to sales.

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eCommerce Websites

Small businesses looking to grow their online sales need search engine optimized websites focused on the User Experience. We develop Shopify websites for retailers looking to take things to the next level

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Our Approach to Building Websites

Good marketing focuses on identifying the pain points of an audience and providing a service or product to delight the target audience. The heart of a company is its brand and how it makes people feel about its brand. In our experience, the pain point of independent used car dealership and eCommerce retailers is getting their websites in front of its target audience on a budget, and efficiently marketing their products or services across multiple platforms. The digital marketing capabilities are often lost on these two segments of businesses that rely on the internet for driving online leads and sales.

Independent Used Car Dealerships

The number one aspect of building a good website is to focus on the end-user and how they prefer to shop. After analyzing user behavior on franchise dealer websites and independent used car dealer websites, we learned the independent used car dealer user experience differs from dealerships focused on volume selling inventory with traditional financing. Customers that prioritize financing over vehicle selection shop differently and seek out different information than what many web providers currently provide. Additionally, independent car dealership websites struggled to convey their unique value proposition and brand identity in their websites. As a marketing company building out campaigns and strategies for independent used car dealers, our biggest pain point was collaborating with web providers to make design and technical changes, and gain access to inventory feeds to accomplish marketing goals on behalf of our dealer clients. As a result of trying to solve this problem for us, and our dealer clients, we developed a finance-focused website design that prioritizes the mobile user experience for the shopper seeking more than just a car and its features. We also believe that websites should be built and maintained for search engine optimization. While we offer different tiers of SEO and SEM options for our website clients, our base package will ensure your site is optimized for being found on search engines even as platform algorithms change. 

eCommerce Retailers

Brick-and-mortar stores or start-up operations selling on social media can increase their store sales and reach to customers with less overhead costs when they set up a good online shopping experience. We like the Shopify platform for its flexible pricing options, vast array of integrations for seamless, omni-channel marketing, and its fast-loading coding language. When we set up an online retailer with a Shopify site, we focus on brand identity, user experience, and integrating with shops on social and Google platforms. As any retailer knows, merchandising is key for product marketing. We take the same approach with your digital merchandising.