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At The Dream Team Media Company, we believe in the power of thrEEE — Education, Empowerment, and Empathy. These three elements make for the best marketing and the best work cultures.

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Build Your Team’s Core Competencies

Are you looking to improve your internal team’s marketing process for better results? Let our team help. The Dream Team Media Company started as a project to improve internal marketing and sales processes and outcomes within a single franchise dealership. Kendra Brown, the founder and strategy director of Dream Team Media, continues to provide dealerships and other businesses with training and consulting as standalone services from the marketing and advertising work we do as a team.

Why Choose The Dream Team Media Company For Training?

  • Data-driven: Kendra extends her data-driven approach to business operations to the marketing arm. Sometimes, informed decisions can be made using data that provides compelling insight into potential correlation. However, businesses often need to test their first-party data for proven correlation. Kendra helps business operations harness the power of data for better decision-making.

  • Communication Visualization: With a background in education, Kendra combines communication and data visualization to reach trainees at whatever level they start. With frequent check-ins, tailored content, and live instruction, your team will feel empowered and confident with the skills and knowledge they will gain through training.

  • Analyze, Act, Assess: We apply a three-step approach to our training and consulting services: Analyze, Act, Assess. We start with a full analysis of your marketing, budget, and lead-handling process. We identify areas for improvement and make a plan. We provide a guide of action steps for you and your team. We assess after the action is implemented and report on the next steps for further improvement.

Our Consulting and Training Services:

  • One-on-one consulting: We provide training for marketing services, including Google Ads Management, Facebook Ads Management, and Social Media Management. We also provide technology recommendations based on sales and marketing process improvements needed in your operation.

  • Live or Recorded Video Training: We will craft webinar-format video training covering topics relevant to your business objectives. The training can be live or pre-recorded, and you can engage in a live Q&A during it.

  • Live and Virtual Workshops: Ideal for small groups, we can create a workshop where your team will take action in a workshop setting, working directly on improving a specific set of skills with live, personalized instruction.

  • Event Speaking: With extensive experience in public speaking, Kendra will craft presentations for your organization’s event related to educational business content or professional career development.

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