by Kendra Brown

Client Background:

R&L Motors, based in Hickory, a suburb of Charlotte, NC, has been a prominent presence in the automotive industry. Led by Roger, the second-generation owner following in his father’s footsteps, the dealership has upheld a legacy of trust and reliability. R&L Motors operates with a hybrid financing model, offering both outside and in-house financing options. Their unique approach includes in-house underwriting, prioritizing verifiable employment over credit scores, and catering to subprime or near-prime buyers. With a commitment to quality, quantity, and competitive pricing, R&L Motors aimed to enhance its sales through targeted marketing strategies.

Client Objectives:

R&L Motors collaborated with The Dream Team Media Company to devise marketing strategies for their target buyers. Their primary goals included:

1. Increasing brand visibility and engagement on social media platforms.

2. Enhancing website traffic and lead generation.

3. Optimizing lead-to-traffic conversion rates.

4. Promoting special offers like $500 down payment ads to attract potential buyers.

Proposed Marketing Solutions:

After conducting a thorough Digital Assessment, The Dream Team Media Company proposed a comprehensive set of services tailored to R&L Motors’ objectives:

  • Data Foundation: Leveraging data analytics to identify target buyer demographics and behavior patterns.
  • Social Media Management: Crafting engaging content and managing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to boost brand awareness and engagement.
  • Google Search Ads: Implementing targeted Google Ads campaigns to increase visibility and drive website traffic.
  • Creation of Landing Page: Developing a landing page specifically designed for $500 down payment ads to capture leads effectively.

Key Tactics and Outcomes:

Implementing the proposed marketing strategies yielded significant results for R&L Motors:

Social Media Growth:

  • Facebook followers increased by 170%, from 240 to 647.
  • Tripled Instagram followers, enhancing brand reach and engagement.
  • Established TikTok presence, with videos garnering thousands of views per video, expanding the brand’s reach to a younger audience.

Website Traffic and Lead Generation:

  • Sustained a 33% lift in website traffic over six months, indicating increased brand visibility and interest.
  • Achieved an average increase of 118% in lead volume over the same period, demonstrating the effectiveness of targeted marketing efforts.

Lead-to-Traffic Conversion Rate:

  • Maintained a lead-to-traffic conversion rate of 1.5% over six months, showcasing the successful alignment of marketing strategies with customer acquisition goals.

Special Offer Promotion:

  • Creating a dedicated landing page for $500 down payment ads facilitated effective lead capture and conversion.


The collaborative efforts between R&L Motors and The Dream Team Media Company exemplify the power of targeted marketing strategies in achieving business objectives. By leveraging data-driven insights and implementing innovative approaches across various digital platforms, R&L Motors successfully increased brand visibility, enhanced customer engagement, and drove significant website traffic and lead generation growth. The sustained improvements in lead-to-traffic conversion rates underscore the effectiveness and long-term impact of the implemented marketing solutions..