Specialize Marketing for Buy-Here-Pay-Here Dealerships

The foundation to a solid marketing plan is the same, no matter the industry. Put, apply a system of logic to make an emotional connection with the ideal buyer and nurture that buyer to the point of sale and loyalty. At the Dream Team Media company, we know that the devil is in the details and not all dealers in automotive can use the same tools and marketing tactics. Our marketing strategy for a large franchise operation will differ from the strategy of a small Buy Here Pay Here Operation. Our process stays the same, but we understand the nuances among our automotive clients. Here are three ways The Dream Team Media Company serves Buy Here Pay Here dealers:

1. Focus on the buyer: Franchise operations benefit from the manufacturer providing brand advertising that targets the ideal buyer. It is the retailer’s responsibility to attract local, in-market buyers. The Buy-Here-Pay-Here operation sells opportunity, financing, solving a pain point that may have nothing to do with the latest safety feature or electric technology. The Dream Team Media Company can not only help the BHPH dealer navigate the restrictive waters of advertising for special finance needs, but also create content that actually connects with the target buyer. Our experience and process match that of manufacturers who research the pain points of their ideal buyer and craft a shopping experience and advertising message to attract that ideal buyer.

2. Choose the right channel: Once you understand your ideal buyer and their demographics, we select the appropriate channels. The BHPH dealer is typically not competitive on price or mileage. The value proposition is in the ability to finance the vehicle and then work with that customer through the collection process until the loan is paid off. For this reason, typical marketplace sites like AutoTrader and Cargurus are not ideal for the BHPH dealer. For our BHPH clients, we know that search and social are the best channels for reacher the ideal buyer. These platforms are constantly restricting the way marketers advertise credit or loan opportunities, and we constantly finesse the message to reach the buyer who is looking for a dealer to finance them.

3. Built-In IT Support: As technology evolves to simplify business process, the backend of these technologies gets more and more complex. We understand the buy-here-pay-here operation typically has a few people handling a variety of tasks. The sales team may be expected to manage some marketing tasks, the controller may be expected to run Google Ads, and no one know where the passwords are stored. An agency should act on behalf of the client and we go above and beyond executing marketing tactics. We make sure your backend systems are secure and set-up the way they should be. You should own and control your data and we work with every participant in your marketing, from web provider to sales team, to ensure everything is working optimally.

When we build dealership marketing strategy for car dealerships, we are keenly aware of nuances within the industry. This allows us to oversee, execute, and measure a marketing plan that delivers results – connecting the target buyer with the ideal dealership.