At the Dream Team Media Company, we cannot collectively recall a time that was smooth sailing and carefree aside from the days of childhood oblivion. as we move into 2023, we do so with the same tenacity and empathy we know will get us through the inevitable curveballs, setbacks, and high points the year will bring. As long as our gains exceed our losses, then we win. Here is what is on our radar for our clients in 2023.

The end of Universal Analytics and the Dawn of GA4

If you haven’t heard, Google Analytics 4 will replace Universal Analytics in July 2023. Even if you manage your marketing in-house, you will want to get your GA4 setup before the switch so the new property can start processing data. Ask your marketing agency, website provider, or anyone who uses Google Analytics for your marketing if they have created this property yet. Now is the time to learn it, how it is different, and what changes it will mean to your marketing. If you don’t use Google Analytics for marketing decisions, you still need to track your data! When you reach the point of needing historical data, you will be happy you started tracking sooner rather than later! You can read more about GA4 here.

Stay Curious with Social Media

With all of its warts, social media remains a strong avenue for engaging and capturing customers. As privacy and security measures on social channels continue to create tracking hurdles for advertisers, the move to stay ahead of the game is to remain engaged and curious. Social media is time- and thought-consuming. Content creators make it look easy, which is why they are good at it! You don’t have to bring an influencer on staff or start learning the latest dance trends. You do need to put a little creative curiosity into your business’ social engagement. Comment and like other people’s posts and reels. Respond to comments and questions on your pages. Tag others in your posts. Put a few pictures together on TikTok with a popular song. Did you know you can make a TikTok video that you can auto-post to your Instagram reels, Instagram feed, and Instagram story, which can then auto-post to your Facebook reels, feed, and stories? That’s placements for one piece of content. Curiosity on social channels will keep you ahead of the game in 2023. And remember to be social!

Focus on Retention

Inflation, interest rates, supply chain problems, and a generally slow economy will not be the death of your business. The ability to adapt, however, will determine your strength through it all. Focusing on customer loyalty will ultimately reduce your customer acquisition costs. To stay ahead and strong in 2023, create a strategy for customer retention. Allocate your resources towards loyalty and reward programs. Use email marketing and automated customer journeys to remain in contact with past customers. Tailor messages based on their past purchases. Generate content exclusive to customers to add value to your products and services. If you sell clothing, include a tutorial video on ideas for styling the clothes, exclusive to the customers, not for public consumption. Send birthday and thank you cards in the mail. Ask for referrals and reviews.