By Kendra Brown

The Situation:

McCall’s Auto Sales, an independent, buy-here-pay-here car dealership based in Brewton, Alabama, has served its local community for over thirty years. After dabbling in boosting social media posts and running Google Ads on their own, they sought greater insight into what efforts worked best for driving traffic, leads, and, ultimately sales. To expand its customer base and increase sales, McCall’s partnered with The Dream Team Media to enhance their online presence through strategic social media marketing.


McCall’s Auto Sales’ primary goal was to leverage social media platforms to increase brand awareness, engage with potential customers, and drive more traffic to their dealership. The Dream Team Media was tasked with developing and executing a comprehensive social media marketing strategy to achieve these objectives.

Methodology and Services:

To achieve the goals of McCall’s Auto Sales, they started with the following services:

  • Data Foundation – Establish a first-party data loop among digital platforms to ensure cost-efficient, sustainable marketing.
  • Brand Kit Lite – Create a comprehensive brandi visual guide for both digital and print applications
  • Social Media Marketing  – Create engaging content for both static and video posts on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok with advertising tactics to drive specific outcomes.

Starting February 1st, 2024, The Dream Team Media implemented a multifaceted approach to enhance McCall’s Auto Sales’ social media presence. This strategy encompassed both organic content creation and targeted advertising campaigns across various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Results from February 1, 2024 – to March 26, 2024, :

Overall Social Media Performance:

  •    Total Accounts Reached: 62,000
  •    Content Interactions: 1,000
  •    Link Clicks: 3,100

Advertising Efforts:

  •    Link Clicks: 1,332
  •    Accounts Reached: 20,000
  •    Cost/Result (Link Clicks): $0.31
  •    Message Conversations Started: 164
  •    New Contacts: 75
  •    Response Rate: 53%


Total Reach and Engagement:

The comprehensive social media strategy The Dream Team Media implemented successfully reached a broad audience of 62,000 accounts, facilitating significant brand exposure for McCall’s Auto Sales. The 1,000 content interactions indicate a positive level of engagement with the audience, showcasing the effectiveness of the content strategy in capturing attention and driving interaction.

Advertising Performance:

The targeted advertising campaigns yielded impressive results, generating 1,332 link clicks at an incredibly efficient cost of $0.31 per result. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the ad targeting and messaging in capturing the interest of the target audience and driving them to engage further with McCall’s Auto Sales.

Engagement and Lead Generation:

The high number of message conversations initiated (164) and new contacts acquired (75) highlight the social media strategy’s success in facilitating direct engagement with potential customers. Additionally, the impressive response rate of 53% indicates that McCall’s Auto Sales effectively capitalized on these interactions, fostering meaningful connections with interested prospects.


Through the collaborative efforts of McCall’s Auto Sales and The Dream Team Media, the social media marketing campaign and branded content achieved significant success in enhancing brand visibility, driving engagement, and generating valuable leads. By leveraging targeted advertising, compelling content, and proactive engagement strategies, McCall’s Auto Sales established a solid digital presence, ultimately contributing to increased traffic and potential sales for the dealership. Continued optimization and refinement of the social media strategy will be essential in sustaining and furthering McCall’s Auto Sales’ growth in the competitive automotive market.