by Kendra Brown


Smart Buy Auto Sales, a prominent used car dealership based in central Connecticut, faced a critical challenge. Despite a robust online presence and a loyal customer base, their sales volume remained stagnant. The Dealer Principal acknowledged the need for improvement, particularly in lead tracking and conversion rates. “I know that I don’t track leads well, and I want to triple my sales volume when I move to my new location.” With aspirations to triple sales volume upon relocating to a new location, Smart Buy Auto Sales sought comprehensive solutions to revamp their sales process.


1. Disjointed and unstructured lead handling process.

2. Over-advertising to the wrong target audience and wrong geography.

3. Low lead-to-sales conversion rate.

4. High inventory levels coupled with low sales volume.


1. Improve the internal lead handling process.

2. Increase lead to sales conversion rate.

3. Reduce advertising costs.

4. Triple sales volume upon relocation.


Smart Buy Auto Sales engaged in a strategic partnership with The Dream Team Media Company, aiming to address their challenges and achieve their objectives. The following strategies were implemented:

Lead Management Enhancement: A systematic lead management process was introduced, streamlining lead tracking and follow-up procedures. This involved training staff on efficient lead handling techniques and implementing CRM software for centralized lead management.

Targeted Advertising: Utilizing insights from customer data analysis, the marketing team optimized advertising efforts to target the most relevant audience segments. By refining ad targeting parameters, Smart Buy Auto Sales reduced advertising costs while reaching potential customers more effectively.

Social Media and Google Ad Management: The social media and Google ad campaigns were revamped to align with the refined targeting strategy. Emphasis was placed on crafting compelling ad creatives and optimizing ad placements to maximize visibility among the target audience.

Television Commercial Production: To further enhance brand visibility and reach a broader audience, Smart Buy Auto Sales invested in television commercial production and placement. The commercial showcased the dealership’s unique value proposition, enticing viewers to visit the website or showroom.


Cost Reduction: Smart Buy Auto Sales successfully reduced the cost per car by over 50% through optimized advertising strategies and improved lead management.

Sales Volume Growth: Within the first six months of relocating to the new expansion, Smart Buy Auto Sales doubled their sales volume, surpassing their initial target.

Website Traffic Surge: The television commercial production and placement contributed to a remarkable organic website traffic lift of over 100%, further boosting online visibility and customer engagement.

Lead Conversion Improvement: The revamped advertising mix to target the ideal buyer and geography significantly increased the lead-to-traffic conversion rate, sustaining the growth of over 2% for eight consecutive months.


Through strategic marketing interventions focused on enhancing lead management and refining advertising strategies, Smart Buy Auto Sales achieved remarkable results in collaborating with The Dream Team. By leveraging data-driven insights and adopting a customer-centric approach, the dealership successfully tripled its sales volume upon relocating to the new location. This case study underscores the importance of a structured sales process and targeted marketing efforts in driving business growth and maximizing revenue potential. Smart Buy Auto Sales is a testament to the transformative power of effective marketing management in overcoming business challenges and achieving ambitious goals.